Getting Bliss Skin


Consistency & Research

I can not stress enough how important skin care is. As much as I love makeup and how it enhances my beauty, I love taking care of my skin underneath even more. I have been asked for my skin care routine/regime, products, & tips for the longest so I'm finally going to share. The key to getting and  maintaining great skin is CONSISTENCY. You have to find what products work for you and a routine that works for you and stick with it. Do it everyday and  every night. As much as you want to get lazy and skip a night, you can't. It takes a lot of trial & error but it is worth it at the end. You have to research and figure out what type of skin you have, what products to use for the type of skin you have, you may even have to go to a dermatologist or an esthetician to find better solutions.


Holy Grail: Routine & Products

As part of my morning routine, I start with the Neutrogena Power Cream Face Wash. After a day of wearing makeup, I start with my Dickenson's cleansing towelettes to remove the make up then after I go in with the face wash. After using the face wash, I tone with the Dickenson's witch hazel which I let sit for about 3 minutes. Lastly, I moisturize with Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion and a hint of coconut oil. I do this routine daily and nightly and get great results. Once a week, usually on a night dedicated to self-care, I take a bubble bath and sit with the Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask on my face. If I don't use that mask, I enjoy making homemade masks with nutmeg, almond milk,  & honey. 


Watch What You Put Into Your Body

Now I don't want to be one of those "just drink water to get great skin" girls, but truth is drinking water does help. Watching what you put into your body as a whole helps. Drinking water and eating healthy foods can do wonders for your skin. There have been many times where I would just be drinking sodas or eating tons of sweets and it has caused me to break out. Just be careful and be conscious of what you put into your body because anything can have an effect on your body.